SF4 Notebook – 2/23/2009, pt. 3

by casperOne 23. February 2009 20:53


Claw’s standing HK covers a lot of space and I think I was tripped with the slide HK after.


Sagat’s Tiger Knee has a massive hit box.  It also has a hitbox that lasts longer on the way down when compare to the ST version.  It’s nice pressure/keep-away move against crouching characters.

I’m also trying to replicate what I saw in the Japanese tournament videothat I posted.  I was only able to execute the Ultra once after the standing HK, and the timing was off.


I executed my first intentional cross-up today.  It should be noted that the opponent didn’t seem to know how to instant-recover.

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sf4 notebook

SF4 Notebook – 2/23/2009, pt. 2

by casperOne 23. February 2009 20:42

Played a few matches with gootecks last night.  And by “played” I mean I got my ass handed to me repeatedly and asked for more after each time.

This was my real first taste of the SoCal/rushdown/Balrog army style of play.  It's not the kind of match I prefer (I lean way more towards turtle), but I wasn't as intimidated by it as I thought I would be, even though I was woefully ineffective.

Some obvious weaknesses were obvious:

Corner Game

I found myself in the corner more often than not.  This usually stresses me out.  In ST I was more effective, but with all the holes in my game now, it becomes EXTREMELY claustrophobic.  I need to find a way to react to the corner better.


Ryan was zoning me pretty hard with Balrog.

I tend to act in the opposite manner of other people when zoned.  Zoning usually involves a lot of “twitchy” movements to establish position.  This has the side-effect of drawing out whiffs or jumps from people.  I end up retracting.  Score one for turtling.

On the offensive end, I still don’t have the timing for Ryu’s fireballs down, so my zone game is weak.  My zone game with Sagat is slightly better.


I got crossed up a few times.  Learning to defend from scratch hurts.  Again, jump angles are more acute in this game, and the timing is very different.  Add to that the ability to instant-recover, and it makes learning to cross-up very hard.


There were a few projectiles that Ryan FADCed through.  I was able to counter with EX projectiles pretty effectively.  Ryan says that in a linked cabinet, there is more reaction time, so he wouldn’t FADC through the projectile.  Might have to reduce dependency on EX projectiles as a result.


This morning, I had the sneaking suspicion that the Tiger Knee has armor breaking properties.  I’m right.  This makes the move more effective, but since Ryu’s hurricane kick has armor breaking properties as well, I’m still out on this.

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sf4 notebook