SF4 Notebook – 3/20/2009

by casperOne 20. March 2009 19:01


Corner play is a very serious problem for me.  With Sagat, I usually will usually j.LK on the person in the corner for a cross-up.  I’m usually early with the hit though, so I don’t connect with the cr.MP –> Low Tiger Shot.

This puts me in the corner, which causes me to panic, and I start to lose matches at that point.

I also don’t apply enough pressure to a person I have in the corner, or pressure in general.  I have to be more aggressive.


Sagat’s Ultra can actually go through a Rolling Attack if it is started when Blanka is very close.


Cammy players seem to not do the Cannon Drill as much as they used to, resorting to the Spinning Backfist instead.  Sagat’s Tiger Knee counters very well here.


On his air slide attack, the recovery is very long, even when done from a little bit of a distance and hits slightly meaty, Sagat can still counter with cr.MP –> Low Tiger Shot and connect.

The recovery on the other air attack (which hits overhead, I believe) is not as long and can’t be countered with cr.MP.


The Psycho Crusher always goes through the person to the other side.  Have to remember that when countering, as I’m usually performing the move sequence as if he is in front of me.

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sf4 notebook

SF4 Notebook – 3/19/2009

by casperOne 19. March 2009 12:00


The up and down of obtaining BP is frustrating.  At one point, I was +300 BP (at ~3500 BP) and then I just as easily lost it.  At least this time I had the good sense to walk away.

Later that night, I was down to ~3300 BP.

And then today, I shot up to ~3900 BP, and then lost it by the end of the night to end up ~3300 BP.  About ten or so hours in all, and nothing to show.

I think I need to consider having player matches, since I’m focusing too much on the battle points and it causes me too much stress, to the point where I am not learning from my mistakes.


Ken is becoming increasingly frustrating and it's getting in my head.  I definitely need more practice against him.

Sagat’s standing HK doesn't seem to be a viable anti-air option against Ken.  The Tiger Uppercut doesn’t reach out enough to hit him if he zones correctly.

I’m convinced that the offensive hitboxes for Ken’s j.HK and Ryu’s j.HK are different, even though the frames are very similar.  IMO, Ken’s has a much bigger hitbox, and a MASSIVE priority.

I beat a Ken later in the day.  It felt SO good.


The cr.MP –> Low Tiger Shot or Tiger Knee is a really nice response to the Cannon Drill.  Takes some of the pressure off.


I’ve noticed a lot of Akuma players like to do the two-hit standing HK then to cr.HK.  The recovery time on the two-hit HK though is enough that you can jump out before the sweep comes out though.


He can miss his throw -> Ultra.


His flame kick has good range forward (kind of like Ken’s Shoryuken).


His HK has really high priority.


This is such a defensive character.  While I typically like it, I find him annoying.

Against characters with longer recovery times on projectiles, if both characters are not against opposite walls, Dhalsim can j.HP (towards you) from almost anywhere on the screen and hit during recovery.

I have to find a better solution for when he teleports into my space.  I can defend most of the time, but I still get switched up and don’t always block the overhead attack.


He can link cr.MK –> MP, which is an overhead.  Have to be very careful with the blocking on that.


Trying to jump in after a knockdown is a risky proposition unless you can hit deep.  If not, will shock you.  In the event you hit early, hitstun/blockstun is short enough that he can get the electricity out before you can get to the hitframes of the next move in the combo string.

The Backstep Rolling attack can be hit on the way down.

When close, do not jump back if he has charge stored up, otherwise, he will hit you with the Anti-Air Rolling attack.  With Sagat at the start of the match, do not jump back, as any Blanka player worth their salt has charge on open.


The same applies here that applies to Blanka with the shock, just replace the electric shock with the lariat.

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sf4 notebook