Just Find Me a F@$’n Match

by casperOne 24. February 2009 22:27

The guys over at the Street Fighter Blog are already asking what people would like to see in the next revision of Street Fighter 4.

One item he says he would like to see is online lobbies with spectator modes.  This was a feature found in HD Remix.  It’s particularly frustrating that you can only connect with one person at a time in player mode, meaning you can’t have a group of people in a room all playing each other.

But what I find even more frustrating is the fact that just finding a match in Ranking Mode is extremely frustrating.  You can set filters on what kind of match that you want to find (you can filter on the same rank or better).  The problem is, you can also set filters on whom you want to receive matches from.

From what it seems, it will apply the filter on what a person will accept before you connect, which results in being told that you are “Unable to Play” when connecting with that person if you don’t meet their filter criteria.

This leads to a number of button presses just to execute the search again and start the process over.

My hand cramps more from trying to find a person to play against than it does from actually playing.

To that end, what I’d really like to see is a just find me a f@$’n match mode where it repeats the cycle of search/attempt to connect until someone connects.

In other words, don’t waste my time.

(On a side note, if this is indeed the case, then I’d rather the client send a message to the server to indicate their preferences so that the server can filter without requiring the client to connect again.  Granted, this will lead to some false results, in that some players that would normally make the list won’t, but given the number of players on the server at any one time, I’d gladly live with that, since there will be more that actually fit the search criteria.)

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