SF4 Notebook – 3/22/2009

by casperOne 22. March 2009 23:00


Lately, patience is the name of the game.  I’ve found that people are more patient now, which definitely suits my style of play.

I still think that it’s incredibly important to improve my rushdown/pressure game though.

Ragequits seemt to be common now.  It’s just f’n annoying when trying to get BP (although I realize that BP is not what is most important).

I’m starting a separate category for ragequits that I’ve come across while playing on the PS3 version. 

I’m beginning to work more people into the corner as well as improving my zoning game.


When he does the far HK (which hits twice), jumping over him and trying to punish with a Tiger Uppercut always failed.  I was countered consistently with a SRK.


Against a Ken player, I got a much better feel for the distance required to use HK for anti-air.  I really have to get more comfortable with using the Tiger Uppercut in closer situations though.

I’m also not using the Tiger Knee enough.  The LK has a nice amount of pushback which can be used to apply pressure.

Also having a little more success with digging deeper when crossing-up with the j.LK in the corner.


Blanka’s Backstep Rolling attack can hit behind the head if timed right (about mid-range, and there are Blanka players out there which are timing it right).


An early j.HP seems to be a nice counter against the early j.HK.


See notes for Ryu on j.HP.


Sagat cannot use his Ultra to go through Dhalsim’s Ultra.


Still getting mixed up when defending against the Dash Punches, have to read the difference between high and low better.


Her reverse kick from behind is dangerous, as a hit leads into a cr.LK –> Lightning Legs.


Cammys are not spam-happy with the Cannon Drill anymore, so opportunities to counter are more rare.

My reaction time to the Hooligan Combo is slow, need to combo better, although jumping counters or evades about half the time.


His array of moves is much more varied than I thought.  He has the air-step kick that Chun-Li has (and can hit three times in the process), as well as something like Gouken’s dash which goes through fireballs.


I feel really guilty playing against her in her alternate uniform (the school gym outfit).

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sf4 notebook

SF4 Notebook 3/7/2008

by casperOne 7. March 2009 18:45


I’m more comfortable with the matchup now, or the Blanka players I’m up against aren’t as good as before.


I can’t believe someone actually plays at him.  I assume that he is going to be banned from tournament play, and it’s a little bit of a waste to spend time to learn the character if that is the case.

His diving kick is an overhead attack, and you have to be careful to block against it.

His Ultra Combo doesn’t do as much damage as a player as one would think.


His Yoga Fires are sooo slow, but when he teleports to the other side of you, it’s a pain to figure out what way to try and block.

Also, have to be careful of reacting instantly to the teleport, because he can attack in the air when recovering from the teleport.


When a player wants to hunker down with Ryu, it can be really annoying to try and get in.


Like Blanka’s Backstep Rolling attack, the cross up of the Wall Dive is a bitch, but I managed to blocked it once.  Jump back and HK doesn’t seem to be as effective against it now, but Tiger Uppercut still dominates.

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sf4 notebook