Elmo, Ice-T, Morgan Webb and Jimmy Fallon Walk Into a Bar...

by casperOne 17. April 2009 15:07

And it goes a little something like this:

Pretty typical gamer-geek fare, but has an endearing moment at around 2:25.

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SF4 Notebook – 4/14/2009

by casperOne 14. April 2009 13:22


Zangief’s Ultra Combo is not like Akuma’s or Abel’s in the sense that the latter two, while appearing to be grab moves, require contact to be made with the opponent in order to inflict damage.

To get out of this situation on reaction, one can just tap (not hold) up during the Ultra Combo animation to avoid the move, as both require the character to be on the ground in order to connect (being in the jump animation counts as not being on the ground).

Zangief’s Ultra Combo, however is a true command throw which is instant, so if you are in range, you’re done on execution.

The frame data supports this (emphasis mine):

Name Startup Active Recovery Block F.A. Hit F.A. Blockstun Hitstun Damage Stun Super Meter Gain Block Cancel Ability
Ultra Combo 1+0 2 46 - - - - 600 0 0/0 1.4 -

That bolded “0” indicates that after the “intro” to the Ultra Combo, there isn’t any window of opportunity to react.

But along comes this video of the Korean National Champion in SF4 (he is playing Zangief):

At ~3:16, you see Zangeif enter into the animation for his Ultra Combo, which Ryu counters after the animation with a SRK.

The consensus over at SRK seems to be that the input for the SRK was put in before the Ultra Combo animation, and because at least the first frame of the SRK is invulnerable (to throws as well) it was able to counter Zangief’s Ultra Combo.

This makes sense, because I would never try to psychic DP if my expectation was that an Ultra Combo was coming out.  However, on knockdown, with a player trying to cross me up, a SRK reversal is natural.

So it goes to show that Zangief’s Ultra Combo can be reversed, but only if you are psychic, and not on reaction.

Fortunately, there is this comment about Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut (all versions) in the frame data (emphasis mine):

1-5f invincible, 6-7f throw invincible, 8f~ airborne, opponent is in jugglable state on counterhit

Which means that in a similar situation (knocked down by Zangief who is trying to jump in/cross-up on wakeup), the Tiger Uppercut will get me out of a situation where Zangief might jump in early and try to Ultra Sagat on wakeup.

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sf4 notebook

SF4 Notebook – 4/9/2009

by casperOne 9. April 2009 23:31


While not new news anymore, the Bad Losers Wall of Shame is up.

What is interesting is the post by Seth Killian over at Capcom Unity on the subject:

In other news, have faith--SFIV has a sweet new puller-punishing system is on its way...

Now that’s going to be interesting, to say the least.  Hopefully, it will help reduce the activity in my own SF4 Ragequits category.


His j.MK will counter Sagat’s standing HK.  It’s a little reminiscent of Sakura’s j.HK except it doesn’t angle down as much, so it still seems stuffable.

However, I’ve seen j.HP stuff standing HK a few times as well.

From a distance, Sagat’s standing HK will hit the lariat clean.


She can counter the the standing HK from far away with her j.HP.  She can also counter the standing HK close with what seems to be the j.LK or j.MK.

I wish the frame data were available for her, as she seems to have a very short startup time on most of her moves.


The better Blanka players are not getting countered consistently with the EX Low Tiger Shot after an EX Rolling Attack.  I can’t tell if it is my reaction time or theirs.

I didn’t realize that how far forward the Backstep Rolling Attack goes is controllable.  This is why it crosses me up so much.


Players are consistently jumping in close on Sagat now, and the standing HK’s effectiveness is much less than from a distance.  I also wasn’t using the Tiger Uppercut consistently for fear of trading off.

I believe that moves that are EX-able, but not an EX move at the time, when they trade, they have a shorter recovery time than if they were hit cleanly, enough time to set up another attack.

Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut is an example of this.  If he trades with the uppercut then he can go into the F + HK, which then sets up for the Ultra Combo (if you have meter).

I’ve been practicing this with good results, and I’m probably a little short of spamming the Tiger Uppercut now.  At least I’m more confident in using it now in tight situations.

This applies to all strengths of the Tiger Uppercut.

The next step is to get this combo down in a non-trade situation:

Tiger Uppercut –> FADC –> F + HK –> Ultra Combo

I need to experiment with better combos to use when connecting with F + HK and I don’t have the Revenge meter stocked.  EX Tiger Shot Low or EX Tiger Knee will connect, but I need a solution for when I don’t have EX meter either.

This combo:

j.FP –> cr.FP –> Super Combo

Does almost as much damage as a fully charged Ultra Combo (it might do a little more, actually), but the timing is harder, since it is a link from the cr.FP –> Super Combo.

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sf4 notebook

SF4 Ragequits – 4/9/2009

by casperOne 9. April 2009 23:05



sf4 ragequits

Me and My (Future) Son

by casperOne 9. April 2009 13:17

This is what I envision play time with my future son to be like:

With some notable exceptions:

  • “Play time” will consist of eight-hour training sessions on a daily basis
  • He’s going to whip this kid’s ass in no time



I Want A Peaceful Soul

by casperOne 5. April 2009 22:58

Life” is the kind of TV show that I don’t go out of my way to extol its praises.  I watch it week after week, consistently content with it, not realizing that it is one of the rare shows that I actually find myself anticipating to watch, saving it on the DVR so I might watch it at just the right moment.

It should be noted that I am only now beginning to appreciate the show for it’s cinematography and editing, which is typically loaded with interesting shots and music for the lead-ins for scenes.

In “Initiative 38”, there is a scene at the end where Charlie is confronted with a call to action which is in conflict with his nature:

I want what Charlie wants.

I want a peaceful soul.



SF4 Ragequits – 4/1/2009

by casperOne 1. April 2009 20:38



sf4 ragequits

SF4 Ragequits – 3/31/2009

by casperOne 31. March 2009 21:01



sf4 ragequits

SF4 Notebook - 3/30/2009

by casperOne 30. March 2009 22:50


For some reason, Street Fighter Bar Fights just seems like a natural thing.

Damn you SoCal!!!  I REALLY want to go…


sf4 notebook

SF4 Notebook – 3/29/2009

by casperOne 29. March 2009 23:42


The more I see of better players playing him, the more it is apparent he is the best all-around character in the game.  He will consistently deliver damage, but not overwhelmingly.  The juggle potential with the LP Shoryuken is also very good (e.g. he can do it into the EX Hadouken).


His juggle potential is the greatest in the game, IMO.  The Tornado Galaxy can juggle in the corner (they can get an extra Tornado Galaxy if the first one hits), and he can juggle into a full Ultra Combo, I believe.

Additionally, the Jatotsu Nature can be juggled into (but I’m not sure after which normal move).


I learned an interesting piece of information at the Play N’ Trade Last Minute Tournament this weekend from a claw player.  From what I understand, when claw loses his mask, the damage he does goes down by 10% and he takes 25% more damage.  When he loses his claw, the damage he does goes down by 10% as well.

When I asked how to get the mask to come off, the player responded “hit him in the face”.  Duh.

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