SF4 Notebook – 3/25/2009

by casperOne 25. March 2009 22:00


Seth brought light to a funny video:

Definitely funny, but what’s really of interest is what he says after the video:

For you game engine nerds, these moves are both being activated on the same frame.  In the case of Ultras, the game assigns the first animation to one character randomly, but the actual execution is totally simultaneous, as you can see from the results.

This shouldn’t be confused with activating an Ultra when the animation of the opponent’s Ultra is complete.  IIRC, that counts as a reversal, and the Ultra that activated later will typically have priority (depending on the move of course, or maybe Sagat’s Ultra just has that much priority).

What’s of even more interest was djmixah’s question:

Bison's super... was it done incorrectly, or does he somehow have more priority from the P2 side?

Jinrai responds:

Vega's super would act the same way as if two, say, Chun-Lis try to airthrow each other at the same time. One randomly wins out.

As for the ultra, I forgot to record it, but the two Vegas just whiff through each other.

The moral of the story?  Don’t try and do a psychic Ultra.  Always do an Ultra to respond.


I’ve had moderate success using a regular HK to counter her rolling air throw attack.

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