SF4 Notebook – 3/29/2009

by casperOne 29. March 2009 23:42


The more I see of better players playing him, the more it is apparent he is the best all-around character in the game.  He will consistently deliver damage, but not overwhelmingly.  The juggle potential with the LP Shoryuken is also very good (e.g. he can do it into the EX Hadouken).


His juggle potential is the greatest in the game, IMO.  The Tornado Galaxy can juggle in the corner (they can get an extra Tornado Galaxy if the first one hits), and he can juggle into a full Ultra Combo, I believe.

Additionally, the Jatotsu Nature can be juggled into (but I’m not sure after which normal move).


I learned an interesting piece of information at the Play N’ Trade Last Minute Tournament this weekend from a claw player.  From what I understand, when claw loses his mask, the damage he does goes down by 10% and he takes 25% more damage.  When he loses his claw, the damage he does goes down by 10% as well.

When I asked how to get the mask to come off, the player responded “hit him in the face”.  Duh.

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